The Vistage Approach

A proven, comprehensive path to success.

Executive coaching alone can’t compete with Vistage’s proven approach to leadership development.  No one else offers a more comprehensive method for making better decisions, getting better results and becoming a better leader. Our comprehensive platform for success features three core elements: valuable perspectives from a trusted group of peers, professional guidance from an accomplished business leader (Chair), and deep insights from subject matter experts. It’s a proven approach that helps member companies grow 2.2x faster than non-member companies of similar size. For more than 60 years, top executives and owners of small and midsized businesses have relied on our unique coaching model to be better leaders, make better decisions and get better results.

1. It starts with the group.
At the heart of the Vistage experience is the confidential peer advisory group. Once a month, you meet to work through challenges and opportunities with 12-16 high calibre executives from non-competing organisations. These peers can help you vet solutions in ways your subordinates cannot.
2. An accomplished business leader facilitates.
An executive mentor (Chair) guides group discussions using a proven framework for processing issues and keeping discussions focused. Your Chair also meets with you for one-to-one executive coaching to dive deeper into your challenges and opportunities.
3. Thought leaders challenge your thinking.
Learn from world-class speakers at workshops, regional events and boot camps. They’ll spark innovative approaches to optimising your business and activate new ideas for personal development.
4. Research prompts action.
Vistage Research collaborates with the top minds in business to create salient insights for small and midsize businesses. Our thoughtful reports, analyses and webinars help you prepare your organisation for the future.
5. A global network supports.
Connect with business leaders around the world for real-time advice, referrals and troubleshooting through our online networks. Choose from 22 networks based on industry or special interests.
6. Events motivate, inform and inspire.
Come together for large-scale and intimate exclusive events to access the experience, wisdom, and insights of your business peers. They are also great opportunities to grow your network with like-minded high achievers.

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Diverse perspectives from a trusted group of peers, a respected executive coach (Chair) and subject matter experts help drive better results.

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